The Child Protection Connection® (The Connection) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit umbrella organization that includes both a Texas program, Texas Lawyers for Children ("TLC"), and national expansion work in other states. As advocates in our courts, community, and legislature, TLC works to ensure that all children in foster care have access to trauma-informed care and services. To understand why this is the most important change that must take place in our foster care system, click here. To learn more about all of our services for the benefit of abused and neglected children in Texas, click here.

Nationally, The Connection is replicating the ground-breaking Online Legal Resource and Communication Center and Advocacy Program (Online Center) it originally created for Texas. The Online Center connects, equips, and mobilizes judges, attorneys, and other professionals involved in a child's court case to protect children from being harmed by the systems meant to keep them safe. The Connection's Online Center has operated in five states with the potential to reach and help protect the legal rights of one-third of our nation's children. We invite you to click on the links below to learn more about each state's Online Center and to see the possibilities for bringing The Connection's Online Center to your state.

The Connection's Online Centers Allow States To:

MOBILIZE judges, attorneys, and others to pave the way for innovation and reform;

HARNESS THE BEST EXPERTISE and make it available across the state;

BUILD A LIVING, BREATHING NETWORK to protect children in the court system;

OVERCOME SYSTEM-WIDE PROBLEMS while enhancing judicial decision-making and legal representation

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