A Safety Net for Abused and At-Risk Children

The Child Protection ConnectionTM (The "Connection") is a ground-breaking online epicenter for legal resources, training, and collaboration, developed by Texas Lawyers for Children, that can serve as a catalyst for systemic change to positively impact the lives of abused and at-risk children in your state. The Connection is a living, breathing, network working together to protect abused and at-risk children in the court system. The online aspect is a one-stop center that connects judges, attorneys, and other professionals to resources, research, colleagues, experts, mentors, pro bono opportunities and help, alerts on latest developments, and training — 24/7 — and fosters development of collaborative online communities. The Child Protection ConnectionTM can be adapted to serve any legal needs of children, including abused and neglected children, child victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence, youth in the juvenile justice system, and unaccompanied immigrant children, just to name a few.

The Child Protection ConnectionTM uses award-winning methods to fulfill our mission to improve case and life outcomes for abused and at-risk children who would otherwise fall through cracks in the system. To read about the history of the Child Protection ConnectionTM, click here.

The Child Protection ConnectionTM Allows States To:

MOBILIZE judges, attorneys, and others to pave the way for innovation and reform;

HARNESS THE BEST EXPERTISE and make it available across the state;

BUILD A LIVING, BREATHING NETWORK to protect children in the court system;

OVERCOME SYSTEM-WIDE PROBLEMS while enhancing judicial decision-making and legal representation